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Customizable Programs

Our exercises are broken down into five categories to meet your specific needs. All the categories combine to create a stronger corporate team. The categories are:

Barrier Breakers



Communication and Listening

Thinking (Critically/Creatively/Quickly)

Here are a few programs we offer:

-The Optimizer:

A day-long workshop to optimize the creativity, critical thinking, and unity of your team. The entire day is filled with high energy, high impact exercises that will leave a long-lasting impression on your personnel and the way they think.

Click here for a sample of this program.

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-The Energizer:
A 30-60 minute high powered workshop that will get your employees out of their chairs to stretch their muscles and keep their minds sharp and focused.
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-Corporate Improv Workshop :
Your team is the star as we train them in the ways of improv comedy. The workshop has many of the same perks as The Optimizer, with an extra emphasis on entertainment.
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-Custom Presentations:
Let our expert team of writers work with you on a presentation full of humor and intensely focused on your goals. Add the extra something you need to make the information memorable. You supply the data, we supply the impact.
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-The Improv Show:
Let our highly trained, expert comedians entertain your personnel with our audience participation show. Perfect for corporate functions.
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Whatever you need:
We are fully customizable to suit your needs and work on your company's weaknesses to turn them into strengths.
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