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Attention Baby Boomer Managers and Executives!
  You are now subject to the biggest generational invasion since you entered the workforce. The invaders are over 60 million strong and over the next decade you will be hiring, training, and working alongside them. Generation Y is the future of your company!

Let LUCA be the tool you use to break down the barrier between the Baby-Boomers and Generation Y!

Why will Generation Y respond to LUCA?
  Because we are Gen Yers. We know what it takes and we will help you increase your bottom line by improving communication between generations. We at LUCA realize the incredible force that the 60 million Gen Yers will bring to the workplace over the next decade and we are ready, willing, and able to help your baby-boomer management connect with and motivate your Gen Y personnel.

How can LUCA bridge the Generational Gap?
  LUCA uses the universal language of Humor to establish a completely new context in which to communicate with your Gen Yers. LUCA challenges your personnel to exercises that focus on team-building, brainstorming, and communication. Your entire personnel will be so engrossed in the fun and challenging exercises that the generational barriers will disappear and they will be interacting and cooperating in new and effective ways.

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